Space for coders and creators…

We designed a new office space on two levels for the mobility start-up Mobimeo.
Depending on project focus and task, teams are set up with changing members and hence need the opportunity to exchange spontaneously with short distances.
The brief was to design an interior that on the one hand encourages an agile workflow and allows for working in changing team structures, but on the other hand gives its staff the possibility to find quite spaces for concentrated work scenarios. The challenge was to combine a dynamic way of working with “retreat possibilities”.

We developed the “in-between-spaces” into shared office areas and meeting zones. Our “colour-bars” complemented the interior. Here teams were given the possibilities to work and meet depending on their team size and focus. Acoustically optimised areas gave people the freedom to retreat or enjoy a more private work session…

+++ Selection Iconic Awards Innovative Architecture 2019 +++

Fotos Marcus Zumbansen ©